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Electricians are basically personnel trained in handling electrical systems in various environments. They work in various sectors, ranging from homes and small offices, to large scale industrial machinery. The role of an electrician involves the following takes:

  • Planning and designing layouts for electrical wiring systems
  • Carrying out tests and maintenances of electrical equipment and repairing if needed.
  • Installing lighting, fans, pumps and other appliances.
  • Analysing a faulty system to find
  • Choosing the necessary equipment to carry out a job
  • Installing switchboards and motors
  • Installing automated electrical controls
  • Understanding all the specifications and theories relevant to a task before taking it up.
  • Connecting electrical equipment and more.

In a nutshell, almost any electrical installation, repair or maintenance would require the services of a professional electrician. Whether you are moving to a new home and decide to install additional appliances or want a faulty wiring checked, you would have to hire an electrician. It is unsafe for an untrained individual to handle any electrical connection, due to the risk of fire or electrocution. Moreover, as per the regulations in Sydney, only an adequately qualified and certified electrician may operate handle such tasks. Trying DIY methods or hiring an electrician who does not possess a valid licence can potentially land you in trouble.

In Sydney, it is illegal for anyone other than a licensed electrician to perform tasks related to electricals. As one of the leading electrical service providers in the city, we only hire electricians who are adequately licensed and certified. Our electricians have undergone all the necessary training and either completed a course electrical apprenticeship course or in Electrotechnology.

The best part about our professionals, however, is the extensive practical knowledge they possess. In addition to obtaining the necessary qualifications, they are also highly experienced in their respective fields. This enables our electricians to deliver the best services. Thanks to their practical skills, they are able to ensure customer satisfaction by taking care of complex jobs with ease.

The certification system for electricians in Australia is quite stringent and ensures that the best standards are maintained. This is because any mistake in this line of work can potentially lead to a hazard for life and property. While hiring an electrician for a repair, maintenance, installation or any other task, one must check the qualifications carefully. It gives an idea of the professional’s level of expertise and reliability. After all, the safety of your electrical connections and the quality of the services would depend on how well-trained the electrician is.

It is always beneficial to have your electrical connections and appliances handled by a professional. Even if it is a relatively simple task, hiring a qualified electrician is crucial for the sake of safety and quality. Trying DIY methods or hiring electricians who do not possess adequate certifications can prove to be counterproductive. Some of the reasons why you need a qualified electrician are:

  • You wouldn’t have to worry about any damage to your property or a hazard to the lives of your loved ones due to untrained handling.
  • The regulations in NSW prohibit anyone other than a licenced electrician to carry out installations and repairs of electrical systems and wirings.
  • Electrical connections are often quite complex and unless a well-trained professional takes care of the job, you may face recurring issues. This would result in unnecessary hassles and expenses.
  • In case an electrical accident takes place in your home, your insurer may ask for the qualifications of the electrician who handled the wiring. If it turns out that the electrician was not qualified properly, it may render you unable to claim the insurance.

Thus, the benefits of hiring a qualified electrician are too good to overlook. Together with the legal implications, these make it imperative to hire an electrician who possesses the relevant qualifications.

Although a ceiling fan is not as big an investment as an air conditioner, you wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money. This makes it necessary to choose carefully while purchasing a ceiling fan for your home. Some of the features that you should consider are:

  • Diameter: Depending on the type and size of your room, you would have to choose a fan of the right size. The diameter of the circle created by the blades would determine the range of airflow. A fan that is too small or too big for a room would not be optimal.
  • Design: Being a large and easily visible appliance, a fan would add to the aesthetics of your home. You would want to choose a design that is aesthetically pleasing and even more importantly, matches the interior décor of your home.
  • Efficiency: If you wish to save on electricity bills, it is advisable to choose from the most energy-efficient fans. The savings that such fans would help you achieve in the long are worth it.
  • Remote control: If you are looking for added convenience and luxury, you may go for a fan that is remotely controlled or automated.

If needed, you may also consult an experienced electrician for further guidance in choosing the right fan.

RCD stands for Residential Current Device, a gadget that monitors and regulates the flow of electricity. An RCD can prove to be life-saving and hence it is highly advisable to keep one of these installed in your home. An RCD can be installed to regulate a number of circuits. It would monitor all of them simultaneously and round the clock. In case it detects the current flowing along a path it isn’t supposed to, the RCD would immediately turn off the circuit.

Thus, in case if a person happens to touch a live wire protected by an RCD, it would save the person by turning off the current. Installing an RCD in your home would protect you and your loved ones from the risk of electrocution. If a fault occurs in the wiring and causes a change in the flow of the current, the RCD would prevent a fire from breaking out by cutting off the electricity supply to the damaged wiring.

So far, RCDs have displayed an impressive success rate of 97%, which makes them very reliable. It is possible to enhance the success rate further through regular checks and maintenance services. In case you do not have an RCD installed in your home, it would be smart to get one soon.

Safety inspections are crucial in ensuring that the electrical system in your home is not faulty and to prevent it from causing a hazard. In case if you move into a property that was previously occupied, you might want to have an inspection carried out. This is to make sure that the previous owners did not leave behind any snags. Other than it, some other times to carry out an electrical safety inspection are:

  • In case if you get your home renovated, carrying out an inspection would be wise. Often, faults in electrical wirings occur during the renovation process.
  • Over time, the wirings degrade and start to leak. If your property is more than 25 years old and has not been inspected in the past, it is high time to hire electrical safety inspection services.
  • If one of your electrical appliances starts displaying strange behaviour and functions in an erratic manner, chances are high that there is a major issue that needs attention.
  • It is wise to get a property inspected for electrical safety before purchasing it, especially if it isn’t a new one.

Timely inspections can help you save money by avoiding expensive repairs in the future. It also makes a home much safer for the occupants.

Although a relatively new technology, home automation has already gained significant popularity. It basically refers to automated systems that would allow the appliances in your home to function by themselves. The known as smart appliances, these rely on AI to some extent and are connected to the internet. As home automation eliminates the need for human intervention, it allows individuals to enjoy a more relaxed and convenient lifestyle.

The common home automation features that homeowners install in their residences are:

  • Motorised curtains
  • Automated lighting control
  • Intelligent security and keyless access
  • Motorised ceiling fans and air conditioning
  • Watering and more

Thus, installing home automation would free you up from various menial tasks and allow you to focus on more important things. Home automation systems vary significantly in terms of scale. We offer a comprehensive range of home automation services, including the installation of the latest packages.

Home automation makes your electrical systems more energy-efficient and would help you save on electricity bills. For instance, you could set up your home lighting to turn off after you go to sleep, the air conditioning to turn on only when needed, etc. You may control these automated systems using either a mobile app or voice commands.

If the electrical jobs involve rewiring, DIY solutions are certainly not an option. It is legally prohibited in NSW for anyone except a licenced electrician to carry out any electrical wiring or rewiring tasks. You would have to hire an electrician who possesses the necessary licence and qualifications for the job. These include tasks such as repairing electrical appliances, replacing light switches, installing ceiling fans and light fittings, attaching plugs on the end of leads, etc.

Thus, a majority of the regular electrical jobs would require you to hire a professional. The reasons behind such strict laws, however, are quite logical. Electrocution is a rather common cause of accidental deaths and untrained handling of electrical systems can lead to a major hazard. A licenced professional who has undergone all the necessary training would be aware of the risks as well as the safety measures.

However, this does not mean that you cannot carry out any electrical jobs at all. Here are a few that you can do yourself without getting into legal problems:

  • Replacing LED downlights and blown out light bulbs
  • Installing pond pumps and low-voltage garden lighting
  • Installing battery-operated smoke detectors
  • Replacing washing machine drive belts
  • Rewiring old-style fuses

It would still be advisable to hire a professional electrician if you are inexperienced or not confident of your own skills in this field.

The cost would totally depend on the task at hand. Different electrical jobs vary in terms of difficulty or complexity. Hence, it is hard to pinpoint a specific amount of money as the cost of hiring an electrical in Sydney. Most of the jobs, however, cost anything between $60 and $120. Indeed, this range is quite large. This is because it includes most of the jobs for which households and businesses hire electricians. Here is a list of the common electrical tasks, arranged in the order of cost from cheap to expensive:

  • Light installations
  • Repairing power points
  • Light switch replacements
  • Checks and tests to find issues
  • Fixing damaged cables
  • Repairing meter boxes

Our comprehensive range of electrical services includes data cabling as well. Our well-trained electricians are capable of designing local area networks and troubleshooting and repairing data cable systems. We offer plenty of data cabling solutions to cover the needs of most businesses. If you are upgrading your office with the latest systems and want to switch to more reliable connections, feel free to seek our help.

For contemporary businesses that rely on digitalised systems, data cables are of immense importance. These ensure high-speed and uninterrupted internet connectivity and seamlessly functioning computer systems. Both of these features are essential for modern businesses and this has resulted in a sharp rise in the demand for data cabling services. The data cabling technologies have evolved too, with the latest solutions in this field catering to large scale businesses in an effective manner.

Our data cabling services are at par with the current industry standards, geared to meet the latest requirements. This ensures seamless network speeds for any business that hires our services. Moreover, as our electricians are highly experienced in this field, they can carry out the installations and repairs very quickly. This implies that your business would suffer minimal downtime during the process.

All the leading electrical service providers in Australia are available on emergency call outs and so are we. We understand that faults in electrical systems require attention without delay as they can potentially spiral into a major issue. We are available round the clock, on all seven days of the week. No matter what time of the day it is and how big the problem is, all you have to do is give us a call. Our technicians would visit your property at the soonest to help you out.

In case of an electrical emergency, quick professional services are equally important for residential properties and commercial establishments alike. A fault in the electrical system of a commercial unit can lead to major inconveniences and financial losses. For instance, if an office suffers from a power outage due to a fault in the electrical connections, it could bring the activities to a standstill until the fault is fixed. For homeowners, a faulty connection can be a similar headache by rendering various appliances useless.

Most importantly, however, an electrical fault can potentially cause fire hazards or other risks. This is why, it is necessary to hire emergency call out services from a company that would be quick to respond.